Ymt aims to create contestation and discourse in the field of Visual and Graphic Communication Design in Norway. Read more about the project here.

Food Sees the Future

Food Sees the Future is a Master thesis project using virtual reality as a tool to raise awareness about food consumption and environmental issues.

The Lazy Designer’s Guide to Saving the World

Okay, look. I’m not here to tell you what to do. Apparently people don’t like that. I’m simply here to inform you about small things you can do in your everyday life, to help the environment. See the difference? Whether you do it or not is up to you.

What Do I Think About When I Try to Think About Global Warming?

Today, we are aware of climate change—and we have been aware of it for some time. There is an overwhelming consensus amongst the world’s leading scientists, and yet our society has been unable to take decisive action.

A Plastic Whale: The Symbol of a Crisis

Early February 2017 a Cuvier’s beaked whale swims into the bay of Sotra in Hordaland.

Pictograms Are My Friends

A big question for the future of pictograms is if their opportunity for self-expressiveness is their future strength or, are pictograms forgetting their roots and global responsibilities as in Neurath’s Isotype project, Isotype the International System of Typographic Picture Education, to develop an international picture language?

A Pictographic Theatre. When Words Exclude, Pictograms Include

When words fall short, how can pictograms bridge the gap between people with different cultural and social backgrounds?