The Lazy Designer’s Guide to Saving the World

Okay, look. I’m not here to tell you what to do. Apparently people don’t like that. I’m simply here to inform you about small things you can do in your everyday life, to help the environment. See the difference? Whether you do it or not is up to you.

1. Unplug

Working hard? Are the deadlines sneak-ing up on you? Why don’t you unplug your TV, computer, tablet, light-board etc. before you pass out. Take a break, maybe go for a walk. They say it’s good for you.

Character with charger in nose and phone in hand

2. Befriend a handy person

Did you just break something and consider buying a new thing? Remember your friend’s friend who is really handy? Buy them a beer, invite them over for dinner! Maybe they can help you fix the crooked chair instead.

3. Don’t print

Okay, this one is hard. I know we all say: print it out, look at the details on paper, how does it look from afar, is it actually readable? Maybe try to print less? Or print smart! To print or not to print—that is the question.

Character copying his face in a printer

4. Turn off the lights

Pull away the curtains and let the natural light in. Heck, open the window to save electricity. I know you were up late last night and the sunlight hurts your eyes, but it doesn’t hurt the environment.

5. Drink from the cup

If you ditch the plastic straw you could avoid gas, bloating, and even wrinkles around your mouth!

6. Work from home

If you’re feeling tired one day, and it’s raining outside, why don’t you stay at home instead of going to work? Do your job in the comfort of your own bed. No pants are the best pants.

Character sleeping with laptop on stomach

7. Sketch on both sides

Yes, I know it can smudge the next page. But it will eventually make your sketchbook look more full, and you’ll save both paper and money.

8. Air-dry everything

Air-dry your body, hair, nails, clothes, shoes, even your pet—instead of using a machine. Imagine how your colleagues will envy your natural beachy hair in the morning. It will look shitty by lunch, but who cares!

9. Use matches

Cardboard matches are the best. They don’t require petroleum, unlike plastic gas-filled lighters. Also, they smell better, so they can be used to disguise your stinky farts.

One person lighting another person’s fart on fire with a matchstick

10. Cuddle

Are you feeling a little bit lonely? Why don’t you find another lonely person or get a pet? For instance, crazy cat ladies often cuddle their cats as a way to keep warm.

11. Meat free Monday

Not ready to go full-on-vegetarian yet? Why don’t you try cutting down on the meat. If you do it once a week, it will make you feel much lighter on your feet.

12. Party up

Invite all your friends over for a party in the winter and dance it out! Your house will get warm and toasty in no time—the more the merrier!

13. Grow houseplants

Plants interact with your body, mind, and home in ways that enhance the quality of your life. They purify the air and make breathing easier.

14. Knowledge is power

Do your research. If you stay informed you will learn more about the problems we are facing, and how to solve them.

15. Sharing is caring

Share your clothes, food, notes, car, or maybe even a hot shower? It could be nice. Also, share this guide with other smart, creative people you know.


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Character with cat on head