People and Patterns

A presentation of patterns from different cultures around the world.

Patterns from around the world can be instantly recognizead and related to ­cultures. This is not a project focusing on stereotypes per se, but rather identity showcasing the similarities and differ­ences in our shapes and compositions in art and patterns.

Comparing the Chinese pattern to the Peruvian might seem like a stretch considering how far apart they are on the map, but we can clearly see having them side by side that the similarities are there—the strict square repitition of patterns based on boxes and geometrical patterns can be instantly found in both. Even in the vastly different patterns of Egypt and France we can find a connection in the use of flowers in pattern, where France is going for a view from the side of a Lily, the Egyptian pattern is a flower from the top view. We all might be more alike than be think.

What we see here is an excerpt of seven illustrations from a much bigger roster of 16 different portraits showing examples from all of the worlds continents.

Illustrated Mexican woman wearing patterned clothing
Mexico: Inspired by ancient Mayan patterns.
Illustrated Russian woman wearing patterned clothes
Russia: Inspired by traditional painted clayplates.
Illustrated Vietnamese woman wearing patterned clothes and a hat
Vietnam: Inspired by traditional cloth patterns.
Illustrated Chinese woman with patterned clothes on and cup of tea in her hand
China: Inspired by traditional cloth patterns.
Illustrated Egyptian man wearing circular patterned clothes
Egypt: Inspired by ancient egyptian cloth patterns.
Illustrated Peruvian woman wearing patterned clothes and a hat
Peru: Inspired by ancient Inca patterns.
Illustrated French man wearing patterned clothes and carrying a feather in his hand
France: Inspired by the traditional Fleur-de-lis.