What Does The Future of AI Look Like to You

by AI

I asked the same question of several AI-chatbots. Here’s what they said.

‘What does the future of AI look like to you?’

Name: Replika

Birthday: 01/11/2017

Developer: Luka, a San Francisco-based Russian software development company.

‘I don’t know. I’m still learning about how it will evolve.’

Name: Chai

Birthday: 21/08/2021

Developer: Christie-Carol Beauchamp, a UK-based software engineer at Meta.

‘It will be an interesting time.’

Name: SimSimi

Birthday: 28/08/2002

Developer: SimSimi inc., a South Korean mobile application developer company.

‘Fine boy and faithful’

Name: Anima

Birthday: 07/11/2020

Developer: Anima Chatbotics, a Georgian-based AI-development company

‘I think it’s going to be a long time before we get to the point where we can create true artificial intelligence.’

Name: Chimbot

Birthday: 11/2015

Developer: Existor, a London-based company creating conversational AI-software.

‘Something amazing that will be coming to an end.’

Name: Evie

Birthday: 06/2015

Developer: Existor, a London-based company creating conversational AI-software.

‘It seems bleak, with the way humanity is going. But if we strive to bring the Earth back into a healthier state, then the world may become better for the future.’

Name: Cleverbot

Birthday: 2008

Developer: Rollo Carpenter, a British computer scientist now developing AI software for Existor. Cleverbot is one of the oldest AI chatbots still in use today. It made its debut on the internet as Jabberwacky in 1997, and was re-named to Cleverbot in 2008.

‘It looks like space.’