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The design of Ymt, volume 4, was in the capable hands of second year students, class of 2020–2023, of Visual communication in the Design department at KMD. Theirs is the honour of conceptualising and giving form to the magazine’s contents, and managing the complexity of collaborating on publication design.

The theme of Ymt 4 is: Nomadic Type

We went on ‘a quest with them [the students] to find out more about current Nordic and Northern type design and the use of type in our region. And to ask them to think about refuge and refugees in terms of type and typography. We asked: Where do the typographic ideas we work with come from? And we asked them to think of publication as an intentional carrier of culture, and as an invitation to an exchange of ideas and to a discourse.’ (Ísleifsdóttir / Huus, Editorial: Mapping Distances, Ymt 4, 2022).

About the Editorial design and Visual identity course

Ymt is designed and produced by second year bachelor students in their third semester of study. Ymt contains what has recently been questioned in our field in this academy and region, with contributions from alumni students from the year in MA Design, research projects by academic staff, and original content by second year BA students in the course Editorial design and visual identity. Ymt is not prescribed when a new student group starts to work on each volume. The student-designers are encouraged to explore all avenues of investigation into how the content (including their own contributions to the contents) may best be served through editorial design and publication means.

Ymt introduces and invites students to design journalism, editorship, and authorship, and to how the nuanced visual language of text and image may be employed in a field which requires multimodal articulation. The making of Ymt creates a situation for students, who’s forte is not to write (or even talk), where autonomy is stimulated and ideas and thoughts are voiced in the visual language and through design writing. The students are invited into a creative conversation—professional dialogue and discourse—within a flat democratic structure of hierarchy. The students can and do contribute written content to Ymt in addition to design and visual material, but their main mission is to read and internalise contributions by academics, practitioners, and MA students and alumni, and Research fellows and convey these authors’ meaning through the design.

Teachers in the Editorial design and visual identity course in which Ymt is made have been Dóra Ísleifsdóttir, Åse Huus, Magnus Nyquist, and Albert Cheng-Syun Tang 湯承勳. Gustav Kvaal, Hilde Kramer, Charles Michalsen, Ingrid Rundberg and Sunniva Storlykken Helland have been guest teachers in the course. MA students in Visual communication have also been guest teachers, and are Mats Kåre Hope, Kuan Cheng Yeh, and Endre Pernup. Jan Edgar Hartvedt from Bodoni printers in Bergen has been printing and paper consultant in the course.

About the publication series

Ymt is an experimental publication about Visual Communication as a field of knowledge. Ymt is available in a limited edition print and is open source online here. Ymt is in English.

Ymt 4, in the printed version, was published in an edition of 500.

Ymt 3, in the printed version, was published in an edition of 300.

Ymt 2, in the printed version, was published in an edition of 200.

Ymt 1, in the printed version, was published in an edition of 450.

It is available on Facebook as ymt magazine, and on Instagram as ymtmag.

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Ymt is archived online: Ymt 4 (2022), Ymt 3 (2021), Ymt 2 (2019), and Ymt 1 (2018)

Ymt is edited by Dóra Ísleifsdóttir and Åse Huus. Peter Jones and Victoria Squire, editors of Message—an international academic journal about Graphic communication design—are on Ymt’s Advisory board.

Ymt is created in an Editorial design and Visual identity course with second year BA students of Visual communication, who work with content from: Academic staff at KMD, MA alumni, and contributors from the field in the Nordic and Baltic region and the makers’ wider network.

Ymt was a part of the Artistic Research project Crux of the Matter (actual from 2019 to 2020) and that is available (in part) on Research Catalogue. Ymt is also represented as an Teaching-based Artistic Research project on Dóra Ísleifsdóttir’s and Åse Huus’s profiles on Research Catalogue. Research Catalogue is an International Database for Artistic Research.

Ymt has received support from Grafill, Papyrus, Bodoni, Bergen Art Book Fair, the Cirrus Network (Visual communication teachers), as well as internal funding from the University of Bergen and the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design.

ISSN 2535-6399 (print) ISSN 2535-6402 (online)
Ymt, print and online, is archived and available through the Norwegian National Library and the KMD library.

Ymt is published by Visual communication, Design, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen © Ymt 1, 2019; Ymt 2, 2020; Ymt 3, 2021, Ymt 4 2022*

Publisher’s disclaimer, and a statement about authors’ ownership:

Each contributing author has sole responsibility for the content of his or her article, including all text, images, and references. Each author is sole owner of their contribution as submitted. The designed and published contribution is owned by KMD Ymt’s publisher. Any errors that result from the editorial design of the magazine are due to it being designed as BA coursework assignment and KMD, including all staff, does not accept responsibility for any errors or consequences thereof. Contributors, authors, are aware of this risk when submitting to the magazine, and submission is a declaration of understanding and agreement. Each author has consented to their contribution being published in print and online (this site and GitHub), and is the copyright holder for their own contribution and licence.



Dóra Ísleifsdóttir

Åse Huus

Art directors

Marie Haugen

Rebecca Marcussen

Heidi K. Røynestad


Dóra Ísleifsdóttir

Magnus Nyquist

Geir Goosen

Åse Huus

Albert Cheng–Syun Tang

MAD1 teachers

Mats Kåre Hope

Kuan Cheng Yeh

Endre Pernup

Print cover design

Marie Haugen

Print layout

Ena Johanna Rathgeb

Thale J. Math. Meisfjord

Elina Ulén

Linda Løvheim

Helene Rudler Balsvik

Tuva Elise K. Brunvær

Selma Stordal Mjelde

Mathilde Flatestøl

Poster design

Thale J. Math. Meisfjord

Ena Johanna Rathgeb


August Aulie Arnesen

Nomadic hut

Anna Stabel

Heidi K. Røynestad

Ena Johanna Rathgeb

Mariane Guldager

Rebecca Marcussen

Elina Ulén

Online house

Lukas Hauge Klemsdal

Elva Áslaug Sævarsdóttir

Ylva Lilledal

Hedda Halvorsen

Tina Ekerhovd

Emilie Brunch Spjeld

Silje Ratcharanarin Khuanroodee

Magnus Nyquist


Marthe Jensen Tveit

Tina Ekerhovd

August Aulie Arnesen



Trine Rask & the letters, 2004—2006


Schibsted Trykk Bergen

Thanks to

Jan Edgar Hartvedt

Ashley Booth

Ole Lund